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A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

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A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

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How it works

Fill in the form

You indicate your interest by filling in the form on the site. Please fill in all details to help the domain owner get in touch as soon as possible.

Initial response

Domain owners usually respond to serious offers within 24 hours.


You negotiate the price and conditions of the deal.


Payments are usually arranged with or similar service.

Ownership transfer

Once all is agreed and payments are made the domain name ownership is transferred to you.


What is a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domain names are domain names of high value due to their length, keywords, brandability, high search and type in traffic and sometimes even age. They give your brand instant authority, can save you marketing costs and improve your SEO. Typically premium domain names are already registered by someone else, a broker, organisation or individual so you would need to find the owner and inquire after a price.

Should I use a domain broker when inquiring after a domain?

There are three ways of buying or selling a premium domain name.
- You can try and do it yourself - this will take you some research and depending on the price you want to get, hours/weeks/months or even years to find a suitable buyer/seller for the domain name in question.
- You can go through popular sites and list your domain name to sell/look for a domain name to buy.
- You can hire a broker to do the work for you.

The main advantages of having a broker
- They know the industry well and can evaluate the price of domain names realistically.
- They can protect your identity when selling or buying a domain names - that can largely affect the price in both cases.
- They have tools to research and locate potential buyers and sellers depending on what you need.
- They are professional negotiators with years of experience.

Why are premium domains so expensive?

Premium domain names are an asset that is over underestimated if you are not familiar with the market. They hold value over time (meaning that even after time you can get your money back on a purchased domain) and they start working for your business by saving you money, increasing visibility and client retention and giving you authority from day one. Compared to TV advertising, billboards, radio and newspaper ads, domain names are not that expensive at all. And after the sale you keep your domain name, you don’t have to keep paying for it over and over again like with the mentioned above advertising methods.

What are domain brokers?

Domain brokers are professionals who buy and sell domain names. A reputable domain name broker is familiar with the industry and current trends and can be invaluable to your selling or purchasing a domain. Brokers typically work on commission or for a set fee.

What are the expenses on premium domain names after the purchase?

The yearly expenses for a premium domain name renewal after you purchase it is the same as any other domain and typically between $1 and $40 depending on the TLD and registar you choose.

What if I can’t afford the domain I want?

Some domain owners can agree to deferred payments or/and are open to offers for cooperation and partnerships. A domain broker can also help with advice and guidance on that.

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- Naming Consultants
- Premium Domain Name Sales
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Morbi pellentesque augue tempor leo blandit, sit amet viverra leo feugiat. Donec cursus, diam sit amet sagittis iaculis, tortor metus malesuada leo, eget ornare ligula sem convallis magna. Quisque velit diam, lacinia a dolor a, cursus pellentesque est. Morbi erat urna, sollicitudin non finibus eu, vestibulum in ipsum. Integer ac elit risus. Fusce luctus ligula a eros efficitur sodales.

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