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Having naming issues? You're not alone.

People are trusting us with their finances and TryDave just didn't seem to give me the same confidence as Dave.com

source: Namepros

Jason Wilk
Co-founder, CEO
Company: Dave
Domain name: Dave.com

The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness.

source: Paulgraham.com

Paul Graham
Entrepreneur, VC, Co-founder
Y Combinator

Standing out just gets harder when people confuse you with other companies.

source: Entrepreneur.com

Noah Kagan
Company: Sumo
Domain name: Sumo.com

We were spending around $10,000 per month on Google AdWords and other pay-per-click services, which wasn’t really a great investment.

source: dsad.com

Ben Carmitchel
President & CEO
Company: Data Recovery
Domain name: Datarecovery.com

We’ve grown over the years – and we’re now much more than a taxi app.

source: Grab.com

Anthony Tan
Group CEO and Co-Founder
Company: Grab
Domain name: Grab.com

We saw our customers confusing us with some of the other companies in the industry, and wanted to remedy that issue. Our service is so different and unique in comparison with the competition that these confusions might cost us a lot of opportunities.

source: Namepros

Oliver Dlouhy
Company: Kiwi
Domain name: Kiwi.com

Their main concern is the length of TuftandNeedle.com along with its difficulty to type. At thirteen characters and consisting of three words, their concerns were well founded.

source: Namepros

Tuft & Needle
PR Department
Company: Tuft & Needle
Domain name: TN.com

DoorBot was an awesome name but not a name that you can build a long lasting meaningful business around.

source: Namepros

Jamie Siminoff
Company: Ring
Domain name: Ring.com

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Tracy Fogarty has over 25 years of experience in helping businesses develop and empower their brands. Creative and result oriented professional, Ms. Fogarty strives to work with brands that are beyond time and fashion, based on unique values and ideas.

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Brand stories

The Inside Story of Pillows.com

We saw a big growth with our repeat customers. We had an average return of repeat customers of over 200% from where it originally was and that was definitely attributable to the brand. When you are Pacific Pillows, you can stumble across a bunch of pillow sites, but when you are Pillows.com, its pretty clear that there is only one Pillows.com
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Why SumoMe.com rebranded to Sumo.com

Do you know how many companies have “Sumo” in their name? It’s a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many times someone has come up to me and said, “Oh, are you also like (completely unrelated to us) sumo?”. That’s why we went right to the source. There are many copycat Sumo names in the market but by owning Sumo.com we’re positioned as the original. We are the Sumo.com.
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How Mint Grew to 1.5 Million Users and Sold for $170 Million in Just 2 Years

You will lose all word of mouth marketing if you don’t have a good name. Most people choose their name because the domain is available. That’s a really bad idea. I spent 3 months and $182,000 negotiating for Mint.com, and it was the best purchase I ever made.
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