We get qualified prospects to want to talk to you about your premium domain names

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Are you tired of waiting for prospects to reach out to you?

Are you struggling with not having enough quality leads to talk to?

Are you frustrated with potential buyers who don't get the value of your domain names?

SuperLander was founded by Tatiana Bonneau to serve the needs of premium domain name owners, brokers and digital investment funds. We are a small dedicated team with a focus on actionable results. We specialise in professional presentations, lead generation, sales and marketing services.

This is how we work

We define your target prospect profile based on the specific domain name and any requirements you may have. We prepare professional, actionable copy that statistically gets results.

We conduct extensive research, identify prospects and contact them through the best suitable channel. We treat prospect with absolute respect and personalise every message.

We only connect you with highly targeted prospects who have expressed interest in your premium domain name.

To sell your domain name you need to find the right buyer. You need qualified leads. But in reality, you're waiting for those to come knocking on your door, to grasp the value of a premium domain name, to educate themselves.

Getting lucky is not a business model.

It’s been two months since we are working together. You are talking to qualified prospects about your premium domain name. You have options to pick from which gives you a strong advantage in negotiations. You are not hoping to make a sale this month, you know you will. Because you are finally in control.